(update : 29/6/2017)

Go to/from ALOR by AIR

From the international airports of Denpasar, Jakarta or Surabaya, you have to fly to KUPANG,  the only door to ALOR.

Kupang – ALOR < > ALOR – Kupang

TRANSNUSA/NAM AIR/SIWIJAYA (same..) (~50 seats, 50 mn) (Rp 300 up to 750.000) : once or twice a day! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 9:40/10:50, Thursday, Sunday at 9:40/10:50 and 14:20/15:30 (Luggages: 15 kg/PAX, Overweight: +/- 1 €/kg)

WINGS AIR (~50 seats, 50 mn) (Rp 300 up to 700.000): everyday at 8:25/9:40 and 12:15/13:40 (Luggages: 10 kg/PAX, Overweight: +/- 1 €/kg)

√  these are the announced schedules, they could change, always check a couple of days before!

It is possible to connect from  DENPASAR/JAKARTA/SURABAYA to ALOR  the same day :

To ALOR : Everyday possible (at least on Schedule ;) !)

  • connecting with SRIWIJAYA, LION AIR, BATIK Air, Citilink,…  from Jakarta (recommended transit time 2-3 hours minimum)
  • connecting with GARUDA or LION AIR from Denpasar (recommended transit time 1h30 minimum)

From ALOR  :  Everyday possible, but choose 2-3 hours for transit minimum in order to limit the risk of missing connection ;)…

√ the number of planes allocated to the region is limited and the weather can be an issue for small airports like Alor one. Cancelation for technical reasons regularly occur, then you have to overnight in Kupang. It is better to avoid connection with international flight the day you fly back from Alor (overnight in Kupang or your internationl hub).

From Alor Airport to KEPA island :

The road goes to Kalabahi main town (12 km, 20/30 min), then to Alor Kecil (15 km, 30 min) :

  • straight to Alor Kecil by taxi (Rp 150.000-200.000 per trip) or “ojek” (motorbike taxi) (Rp 50.000-75.000).
  • There, stop at the beach where a big Banian tree is. A new regulation has been established to support the local community: you have to cross the strait with the people of Alor Kecil by small motorized boat, at official price Rp 20’000/person. Better to have flip-flops because you need  a few steps in the water!

Other flights from/to Kupang (non-exhaustive)


everyday direct flights (Garuda), but also via Waingapu (Sriwijaya), via Flores (Wings Air)
DENPASAR (Rp 850-1.500.000) » Dps-Koe  7:10-8:55 / 11:00 -12:50 / 13:05-15:55…
» Koe-Dps 09:35-12:10 / 13:35 -15:20 / 17:15-18:05, etc…


everyday via Surabaya or Denpasar (Batik Air, Sriwijaya, Lion Air, Citilink, Garuda,…)
JAKARTA (Rp 850-2.000.000
SURABAYA (Rp 500-1.700.000)
» Jakarta-Kupang : departures from 2:30 until 16:50
» Kupang – Jakarta : departures from 6:00 until 15:05

FLORES  ( Times not yet up to date!)

(TransNusa, Wings Air, Susi Air)
Labuan Bajo (Komodo) – Wings/Lion  () – Transnusa (+/- 950.000) – Garuda () Connection the same day ????????? from Alor day ????????
Ruteng – Transnusa Connection to Alor day ???
Bajawa – Transnusa (~700’000 Rp) Connection to Alor day ???from Kupang / 7:45 or 9:45
Ende – Wings/Lion (~450’000 Rp) – Transnusa (~600’000 Rp) Connection  Alor day ???, to Alor day ???
Maumere (~600’000 Rp) – Transnusa Connection from Alor day ???, to Alor day ???
Larantuka : (~500’000 Rp) – Susi Air (+/- 15 seats) – Transnusa Flight often not operational… »
Lembata :  (~500’000 Rp) – Susi Air – Transnusa  flight often cancelled…


1 or 2 flights a day (Wings Air, Sriwijaya, Garuda, TransNusa)
Waingapu (Rp 600.000-1.000.000)  Connection the same day from Alor the days 2 4 6. Connection From Alor the same day the days 1 3 5 7.
Tambolaka -Transnusa (~600’000 Rp ??) – Merpati (450’000 Rp) Connection from Alor day 2 4 6 . Connection to Alor after overnight in Kupang.


(Susi Air, Wings Air)
 Everyday-to be checked


Makasar (~800’000 Rp) – Kalstar 2 times a week on schedule


(US$) not at the moment

Check companies & travel agents for further indication. For instance :

  • CATUR LINTAS WISATA (Jl raya kesambi no 899, kerobokan): Indicate that you are recommended by us Phone : +62 361-994-0884;  e-mail : 
  • TRANSNUSA : (Kupang) +62 380-822 555 or +62 815 2902 5555 for sms (Bali) +62 361-787 8555 or +62 361-760 228Website : (no online booking service)/ e-mail :
  • etc….

Go to/from ALOR by SEA

By ferry : Kupang – Kalabahi < > Kalabahi – Kupang (new boat, same schedule since June 2017)

  • Tuesday and Saturday from Kupang at 12.00 (noon), arriving in Alor early in the morning/night
  • the journey takes about 12/14 hours, depending on the conditions at sea
  • fare ~ Rp 175’000

From Alor to Kupang, the ferry leaves Kalabahi on WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY at 12:00.

By ferry : Larantuka – Lewoleba – Baranusa – Kalabahi < > Kalabahi – Baranusa – Lewoleba – Larantauka (new boat, new schedule since June 2017)

  • schedule to be checked from Larantuka, Lewoleba, Baranusa…
  • the journey takes about 15 hours depending on the conditions at sea
  • fare ~ Rp 175.000.

From Alor, the ferry leaves Kalabahi at 8:00 am every FRIDAY.

By ferry : Atapupu – Kalabahi < > Kalabahi – Atapupu

  • fare ~ Rp .
  • Atapupu is not far from the East Timorese border. There is also bus connections to Kupang and to the Timorese border.
  • Some tourists traveling around Eastern Indonesia use Dili in East-Timor to extend their visa. More information about this can be found on the website of the East-Timorese Department of Foreign Affairs :

By PELNI ships :

Two Pelni ships, the AWU and the SIRIMAU, stop in Kalabahi during their 2 weeks route. The time, very elastic, has to be checked one or two days before. (schedule for 2011)

  • Sirimau route : Semarang, TG. Priok, Blinyu, Kijang, Kuala Enok, Blinyu, TG. Priok, Semarang, Batulicin, Makassar, Larantuka, Kalabahi, Kupang, Larantuka, Makassar, Batulicin.
  • Awu route : Benoa (Bali), Bima, Waingapu, Ende, Sabu, Kupang, Kalabahi, Larantuka, Kupang, Sabu, Ende, Waingapu, Bima, Benoa,….

Pelni office Kalabahi : Jl. Cocroaminoto 5 Tel: +62 386-21195 Pelni office Kupang : Jl. Pahlawan 7 Tel : +62 380-821944 Head office JakartaTel: (+62-21) 6334342 / Fax:(+62-21) 63854130/ 

Transports available to travel around in Alor…

Between Kalabahi town and Alor Kecil village

  • Regular blue bemos (Rp 5.000 + luggages), or ojek (Rp 15.000-20.000 Rp depending destination). « Terminal » in front of the Pelni harbour (near the shop “Gunung Bromo”), or from the central market « pasar impres ».
  • Chartered bemo/Taxi : Rp 50’000-100’00

To travel around ALOR

From Alor Kecil it is now really easy to rent a motorbike, or a motorbike with driver (ojek). Bemos (local minibus), jeeps (home-made style…), or even cars are available from Kalabahi (with driver).

Remember : keep cool!

In indonesia, especially in eastern provinces like NTT, transportation schedules can suddenly change because of climate (especially during rainy and windy seasons, +/- from December to March), technical or economical reasons. But people will always help you to find alternative solutions ! patience and smile are your best assets! Sabar duluh… In case of misunderstanding, please contact us, may be we can help… 081339102403 (Anne, SMS only)