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How do we reach La P’tite Kepa from airport ?

For the transfer from Alor airport (Mali) to Alor Kecil village, we usually book a taxi for our guests. The price for 1 or 2 passengers is Rp 150.000, Rp 200.000 for 3 or 4.

Arriving in Alor Kecil village, the trip across the strait is organized by the local community with their small boat fitted with long-tail engine. The officialy set price is Rp 20.000/person. Try to have flip-flops/sandals, you will have to walk a couple of steps in the water!

Do we have phone coverage & wifi provided ?

In this area the cell-phone coverage is provided by TELKOMSEL. With a SIM-Card bought to this operator (Rp10.000-20.000) and +/- Rp.100.000 you will have access to phone call, including cheap code for international and internet connection packages (EDGE/2G).
We also provide Wi-Fi connection in the restaurant area a few hours a day, but still the same speed.

I'm a beginner, I'm wondering if diving Alor worth it or if I should wait to have better skills before coming ?

It is a long way to Alor, it worth enjoying it! By controlling the technique, you will be free for watching what our guides show… We like the divers to be able to check their air by themselves, to follow dive profiles at +/-25 m or to control enough their buoyancy in order to drift if necessary, but also to not touch the corals and to stay above the sand in muck-dive sites to not disturb UW life. For all these reasons, we recommend to have a minimum of 50 dives experience.

I am vegetarian, is that a problem for the meals ?

We serve Indonesian style meals, we elaborate with local and healthy products: a rice base, accompanied by fish (occasionally eggs, chicken, or meat), and 2 to 4 vegetarian dishes like vegetables, local beans, tempe or toffu, as well as fruits (although Alor is not an area very rich in fruit…) or salad. Vegetarians are usually happy here!

Are there many mosquitos and/or sand-flies ?

Lucky us, there is no sand-fly in Kepa island! and really few mosquitoes for a tropical area, because of (thanks to!) long droughts and lack of water source nearby, although some mosquitoes can fly around at the end of afternoon, especially a couple of days after raining.

Is there a Malaria risk ? Dengue fever ? Should we take prophylaxis treatment ?

The whole region from Lombok to Far East Indonesia is registered as Malaria endemic, so it is normal to be aware. Although cases of Malaria have dropped in the villages around for several years, and the mosquito activity is quite low in Kepa, it would be improper to affirm there is no risk. Usual prevention consist in sleeping under a bed-net (because Malaria mosquitoes are mainly active during the night) (provided) and using repellent. Prophyllaxic treatment is an individual choice you might discuss with your doctor. If you decide to take some, Malarone is one you can dive with (Lhariam is contraindicated with scuba-diving).

However the Dengue Fever occurs mainly in Bali, Java… Only a few sporadic cases have been registered in Alor region.

We would like to travel between east Flores and Alor islands not coming back to Kupang (Timor island), but it looks difficult, do you have suggestions ?

Between Alor (Kalabahi) to east Flores (Larantuka) by the sea, there are diferent possibilities:

  • normal ferry (iron ship ASDP) : +/-22 hours with 1 stop in Baranusa(Pantar) and 1 in Lewoleba (Lembata capital). Once a week (Sunday from Kalabahi, Monday from Larantuka)
  • woodden small ferries/bus hops : Kalabahi-Baranusa (4h) everyday + Baranusa-Wairiang on east Lembata (3h) every thursday or by chartering+ Lewoleba-Wairiang 5h by bus + from Lewoleba to Larantuka by boateveryday (4h). Let say feasible in 2-3 days generally, eventually 4…
  • Pelni ferry (big iron ships): the ones named SIRIMAU or AWU offer usually a very fast8_10h trip from Kalabahi to Larantuka. Schedule is usually online(pelni.co.id, works fairly well!), but it does the route every2 weeks only.

For a faster and more comfortable journey, the only way at the moment is to fly via Kupang. Transnusa or Wings Air flights offer connections to Maumere, Ende, Ruteng, Labuan Bajo… in one day or with overnight in Kupang.