The bungalows

The resort is built like a traditional village, with mountain huts as well as customized coastal houses made of bamboo, locally grown or recycled woods, thatched covered and surrounded by banian trees. This place, we are pleased to share, has been inspired by our respect for local culture, nature and our ecological convictions.

The 10 bungalows offer diferent configurations, in order to accommodate everyones’ holidays needs : from budget solutions with the traditional huts, standard bungalows with or without bathroom, to the top-setting at affordable price with the “exclusive” bungalows. Their description is summarized below. Read also about facilities and organizationfood and rates.

Exclusive bungalows

Two of our bungalows have been built to offer the best setting for your holidays, or to suit to families.  Spacious (52 m2), with a 180 cm double bed and the possibility of 2 single beds, an indo-occidental style bathroom (occidental toilets, ambient temperature shower as well as “mandi” bucket- possibility to have solar-heated shower bag), your own 220V power station to charge your equipments or use your laptop (from solar system), … The large terrace right sea-front is just the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view… For all this, these bungalows offer you an exclusive stay in Alor!


Standard & Basic bungalows

Four bungalows are built like simple village houses, 5x5m  with a 15 m2 bedroom and 10m2 terrace looking towards the sea. For technical/ecological reasons, 3 of these one-floor bungalows, mentioned as “standard“, have an attached bathroom in their back (occidental toilets and indonesian “buckets shower”), and 2 “basic” don’t have (4 shared bathrooms).


Traditional huts

Three others are built like the traditional huts of the mountains tribes. They have a “360° view” first floor and a bedroom under the roof. This is another budget solution for unique Alorese experience and perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze from your hamac (provided).