Kepa Island


Kepa's magic beach

« La P’tite Kepa » is situated on the small magic KEPA island, in the middle of Pantar Strait, the heart of Alor archipelago. Just five minutes by boat from Alor Kecil village on Alor main island, this is a central place to explore Alor dive sites. The bungalows are located on the northern coast of Kepa, from where you can enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Pantar strait with Ternate, Buaya, Pantar, Pura and Alor islands.


ritual cremony in KepaKepa is traditionally where the « Menglolong » tribe set. This is one of the oldest tribes of Alor Kecil community, the one with its origins story in the sea. For these reasons, there is several sacral places in this area, like the pinnacle about 100m far in the back of Kepa (called Kal’s dream by some diving maps), or the central beach on the west coast of Kepa. As the cultural heritage of the tribe, it is important to show respect to these places.


Since the 80’s most of the families moved their home to Alor Kecil village, where there is freshwater wells, road access, and even public electricity. Nowadays, with new generations, 17 households stay in the east coast of Kepa. They live from fishing, trading for the neighbouring markets or working at La P’tite Kepa.

Alor is one of the remote district of Indonesia. Although it is just 200m far from the main island, Kepa is isolated by the strong currents running around. Living here makes the access to services harder, however you have the advantage to feel cut off the busy world. Kepa is like an island of authentic life in this world of superficiality!